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September 12, 1914 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Historical Pictures

March 14, 1914 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Picture Shown

January 27, 1917 Texts Periodicals

Col Wm. F. Cody in Historic Pictures

Texts Newspapers

Col. Cody in the East

October 18, 1913 Texts Periodicals

Historical Value of Buffalo Bill Series

January 14, 1891 Texts Newspapers

Indian War

February 10, 1917 Texts Periodicals

K-E-S-E Adventures of Buffalo Bill

Texts Newspapers

Success of Picture

March 10, 1917 Texts Newspapers

The Theaters

October 25, 1913 Texts Periodicals

Theodore Wharton's Big Job

February 28, 1914 Texts Newspapers

Warriors Watch Old Battles with Indians