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Indian Wars

November 5, 1910 Texts Periodicals

This is a Reproduction...

September 8, 1913 Texts Records

Memoranda of Agreement with George K. Spoor

May 4, 1912 Texts Periodicals

Bonds for State Right Buyers

August 22, 1913 Texts Newspapers

Wild West Now in the Movies

September 10, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill's Farewell

October 8, 1914 Texts Newspapers

Clune's Auditorium

May 15, 1915 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill in Universal Pictures

February 3, 1917 Texts Periodicals

New Name for Essanay Bill Picture

January 28, 1911 Texts Newspapers

Ready to Attack the Picture Shows

Multimedia Video


April 11, 1913 Texts Newspapers

Film Promoters Sued

February 28, 1914 Texts Newspapers

View Col. Cody's Films

December 17, 1910 Texts Periodicals

The Indian and the Cowboy

September 10, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Untitled [Colonel Cody has certainly]

September 29, 1913 Texts Newspapers

General Miles Will Be an Actor for "Movies"

June 30, 1917 Texts Periodicals

Untitled [The body of Col. "Buffalo Bill" Cody]

March 4, 1911 Texts Periodicals

Los Angeles

March 10, 1917 Texts Newspapers

The Theaters

March 29, 1917 Texts Newspapers

At the Movies

June 22, 1925 Texts Newspapers

Buffalo Bill in Films

November 10, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Bills, Bills, Bills

December 24, 1910 Texts Periodicals

To Amusement Promoters At Large

Multimedia Video

Scene 7: Annie Oakley

December 31, 1910 Texts Periodicals

Please Observe

May 25, 1900 Texts Newspapers

Biggest Moving Picture Ever Attempted

March 1, 1914 Texts Newspapers

Police Personals

March 27, 1914 Texts Newspapers

McCune as Office Manager

July 1, 1911 Texts Periodicals

Buffalo Bill Negatives Not Destroyed

September 6, 1914 Texts Newspapers

Fake War Pictures Stir the East Side